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ILECO II’s franchised area was splitted in September 1986. The northern part of the Province of Iloilo comprising 13 municipalities became the franchise area of ILECO III with Sara as its headquarter site. On the other hand, ILECO II have 15 municipalities left under its coverage area.

In 1988, ILECO II achieved twin awards from NEA: the “Most Improved Rural Electric Cooperative” and “Best BAPA Program” Awards.

Two years after achieving NEA awards, ILECO II was again recognized as Category “A” Co-op among small cooperatives. The following year, ILECO II became “Medium Class” as it attained monthly average watt-hour sales of 1.476 megawatts, service connections of 21,344 households and total annual revenue of P61.26 Million or a substantial increase of P18.76 Million.

In 1992, indicators of performance showed that ILECO II operation was indeed strong. This prompted NEA to recognize ILECO II as “Outstanding EC in Region VI”. Then, ILECO II attained the “Large” classification in 1996. It has service connections of 32,271 households, of sales of 35,519 megawatt-hours and length of lines of 1,476.58 kms.

In February 1997, another turn of event happened when General Manager Sixto E. Yap resigned for more lucrative job abroad. He, together with his entire family, migrated to Canada. Oscar M. Obeja, finance services manager, was appointed Officer-In-Charge until Eng’r. Abelardo A. Bacalocos, ILECO II technical services manager, was chosen general manager through the selection process conducted by NEA. Eng’r. Bacalocos became permanent general manager effective July 1, 1998.

ILECO II was able to achieve the EXTRA LARGE COOP Classification in 2001. It has attained a service connection of 42,654 households, volume of sales of 53,129,686 kWh and length of lines of 2,256.398 kms. Then, on April 1, 2003, Mr. Ramon P. Apura, Sr , Member Services Manager, took over the reign of ILECO II as Officer-In-Charge after Engr. Bacalocos resigned.

By July 2004, Mr. Ramon P. Apura, Sr. became the permanent General Manager of ILECO II. During his term, the coop was able to construct the Janiuay-Lambunao Tie Line (2006), commissioned 5 MVA Substation in Passi City on December 29, 2004 and the state-of-the-art 5 MVA Janiuay Substation on January 26, 2008 that greatly improved the system reliability at those areas. Likewise, his Administration saw the construction of Area Offices in Calinog, in Passi City and in Pagdugue, Dumangas. ILECO II received its first Category A+ Award in 2005 operation and the succeeding years.

On January 28, 2008, GM Apura retired. Ms. Maesit Q. Gallo, Manager, Finance Services Department, was designated OIC. ILECO II ably sustained its Category A+ status.

On April 1, 2009, Ms. Gallo relinquished her position to Eng”r. Redmond S. Roquios as a newly designated OIC that by July 1, 2010, Eng”r. Roquios was confirmed permanent general manager by NEA. ILECO II continued to reap awards. For 2009 operation, ILECO II was awarded Best Financial Performance, 100% Barangay Energization, Grand PDA Champion and Category A+ EC.

In October 2011, Eng’r. Roquios was confirmed full pledge general manager. This year, ILECO II garnered Category A+ on its seven consecutive years, Sunshine EC, and Special Citation for valuable contribution to the attainment of 1,520 P-noy and sitios energization during the NEA Lumens Award.